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 I was wondering something.............On one of your stock pages, you have fish from a spawn
between a Turq. male and Yellow female (from an Orange spawn I think)..........what I would
like to know is, did you know what the results of breeding those 2  fish were going to be before
you bred them, or was it a breeding done out of curiosity, to see what you would end up with.
Please excuse my ignorance if I am missing something, I just thought it was a very odd pairing,
something I want to do in my own breeding program, mix fish to see what I get, and by the way,
the end result of that spawn was just gorgeous, as were your F2 results.......I just love all your
fish, and cant get enough of them, as I suppose you already know..LOL

P.S. I have had a lot of wonderful comments from people about my Yellow pair that I got from you
and my Black Orange pair, and have had several offers made on them as well !!

                                                                                           Leslie Adams

I was told by Dr Lucas non red yellow and turq would produce true green. Now I don't know
what a non red yellow is as I thought yellow came from red, maybe I was on another planet
when talking to him as it was at a show and had not had much sleep. But I am pretty sure that
orange is not red
(Probably get shot down in flames for that statement but who cares is what I believe)


F1 I got some amazing fish

Titian Male (Thanks to Rick of Bettajar for the use of the Titian Turq Male)
Yellow female that was produced from Fish I got from Ralph Tran that were out of
MG X Orange few generations down. Spawn siblings of the female were Yellow,
Black Orange and Orange.

Some examples of F1

This male spawned to a green spawn sister was the pair I decided to go with for F2 as he
won the butterfly class at 1 or 2 shows 
2 pics of him one taken at about 3 months and one just before spawning


Then as usual I got side tracked by what the pair produced and forgot all about green
and moved on to other things with the line.

Here are some examples of F2

I just loved the color of this fish and had a matching spawn sister and spawned them.

It was a very small spawn and have actually just done it again eggs hatched out today.
Most of the first spawn are still small but here are pics of the 2 biggest. Also in the spawn
I have some yellow that I think are going to be butterfly.

In F2 I also got some Orange which have also just spawned and all the fry look to be
orange some could be yellow as well though.
F2 Orange Pair don't have pics of them yet.


So to recap:
The original spawn was done for Green, I was not surprised to see BO in F2 but the
Orange was a big surprise to me. I would actually like to know if anyone ever worked
the green with them, think a lot of people went with the multi as in F2 there were a lot
of very nice multi HM. I never do spawns just to see what will happen all are done with
a plan in mind weather it be for finnage or color. But often with these mad out crosses
there are some nice unexpected surprises and it is usually the surprises that get me hooked
and get taken of on a different track forgetting what I was doing it for in the first place.

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