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IBC standards were written in the time of the Ark.
IBC for a fish to win it does not have to be HM and have seen that for myself a few times.
If it has good form and color non HM with often beat a HM. After going through only the
judging seminars and still a lot to learn I came away with the circle that works pretty well
and have always judged my own fish in this way. Put an imaginary circle around your fish
and the ones that full the circle the best to me are the ones to watch.

DT Boy fits pretty well he does have other faults.

Opaque does not fit very well but his HM could over look the longer Anal Fin
So if his color was good no red wash and there was not another fish in the class
that did not have the finnage he had he would do ok. In other words not a major
fault but something to keep in mind when selecting breeders.

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