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Lighting is very important for taking pictures of fish. I find a flash does not always give
a true color of the fish. We use a long life daylight globe and depending on the shutter
speed of your camera you might need one on top and on the side of your tank. I got
tired of chasing fish around a tank so made a tank for taking pictures. I had the glass
cut at a local glass cutter and stuck it together with silicone sealer. I measured which
distance my camera took best pictures at and made the big compartment just the right
length so the camera sits right up against the front glass. One important feature you have
to have on your camera for taking pictures of fish is a MACRO feature. 

The entire tank is filled with water and the fish are placed in the 2 little compartments
http://www.bcbetta.com/tank.jpg (17975 bytes)

I then put a piece of Pexi Glass at the back and under the tank. The color of pexi Glass
I use depends on the color fish the pic is been taken of.
http://www.bcbetta.com/tank2.jpg (17969 bytes)

Light gets put directly on top of the tank.
http://www.bcbetta.com/tank3.jpg (23622 bytes)

At this point my camera stopped working so could not get any more images.
But basically you switch on the light, place the tank in a well lit area and snap away.

And this is what you will get after a little practice.

large.jpg (53025 bytes)

http://www.bcbetta.com/large1.jpg (29733 bytes)

http://www.bcbetta.com/large2.jpg (51718 bytes)

http://www.bcbetta.com/large3.jpg (44827 bytes)

Please refrain from taking information or pictures from this site and posting
it else where. People who have bought fish from us are welcome to take the
pictures of the fish they have bought for there own personal use.


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