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We are not breeding betta at this time

Our fish are double bagged to prevent any loss of water due to a leak.
The Bettas are then placed in a Styrofoam "2 inch cooler" for insulation.
During cold weather season, a heat pack is placed inside the shipping box to keep the water temp stable.

All Shipping quotes and Betta are in US $

Shipping cost within USA USPS Express:        USPS Express $35
                                                                            Hawaii USPS   $40

If you would like your order shipped FedEx please email your Postal
Code with your order so I can work out exact shipping costs for you

                                                   FedEx  Overnight  $50 - $60
                FedEx 2 day $25 - $35 (Not Recomended during winter)
    Hawaii FedEx   $50 - $

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shipping cost within Canada:   Fedex $40 - $69


International Shipments:         USPS Global Express $50 - $60

Please send your Postal Code with your order so I can work out exact shipping costs for you

For every shipment we take across the US border we have to pay a inspection
fee which usually works out to $12 this is incorporated in the shipping costs.


To order fish, PLEASE, send us an E-Mail with the following information in the body:
1: Your name
2: Your address
3: Your E-Mail address
4: Your postal Code
5: A list of what you would like to order.
6: PLEASE, print out a copy of this E-Mail to send along with your payment.
We will then verify that all fish are in stock and give you a total price including shipping.

US and International Customers:
Your fish will be driven over the border passed by US customs and shipped from Blaine
WA after receipt of payment. Due to the expense of having fish inspected by US Wild Life
we only ship every 2 weeks you will be contacted when payment is received and before
shipping to ensure you are ready to receive your Betta.

I am having space problems at the moment and payment must be received
with in 10 days of placing fish on hold. If payment is not received in this time
the fish will automatically be taken off hold.

Payment Methods:
1: Paypal   Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
2: USPS international money Orders
3: Wire Transfers (International Clients Only)

Acclimatizing new fish

Shipping is at your own risk. When your Bettas are bagged, they are in top
condition and healthy. But we cannot guarantee how the shipping company

will handle your packages, lose it, or sudden weather changes.


E-Mail    info@bcbetta.com