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You will need the following:
4 Liter Ice Cream Container
A starter culture of micro-worms
3 Pieces of Brown Bread
2 table spoons yeast - baking yeast or brewers yeast

First punch a few holes in the lid of your culturing container. Add 2 Pieces dry
brown bread and then wet the top piece really well and then sprinkle the yeast
on top. Add the starter culture worms. Keep the worms at any reasonable room
temperature. In about 4 or 5 days you'll see millions of these tiny worms crawling up
the sides of your container. You can then harvest them. Use your finger to just wipe
a few thousand off the side and then swish your finger around in the tank to be fed.
If you’re squeamish you can use a knife or Popsicle stick to scrape off the worms.
You can harvest like this for days at a time.

Starting a new culture. To do this just scrape off as many worms as you can and use
them as a starter culture, and repeat the steps above. It is considered good practice
to keep a reserve culture going in case your main culture dies out unexpectedly.


New Culture

2-3 Days

7-10 Days

Worms Crawling up the side of the container


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