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Materials Needed

Culture Box - small plastic container with lid
(Obviously the larger the container the longer the culture should last and remain fresh and productive)
Potting soil, enough to fill the container to depth of about one inch. (Must be free of all added chemicals
of fertilizers and nuke in the microwave for 5 10 mins)
Baby cereal or flake fish food for worm food
Spray mister bottle - To keep the culture moist
A 2 inch square piece of plastic such as a piece of a fish bag - For harvesting the worms

A Grindal Worm Starter Culture

 Starting A Culture
Put up to an inch of potting soil into your culture box, give it a good squirting with your mister,
wet it to about the same moisture content as freshly turned dirt or when you squeeze the soil a
few drops fall out. Punch a few small holes in the lid for ventilation. Add your starter culture.
Feed the worms about a quarter teaspoon daily of the flake fish food, increase this amount as
the culture grows, but try not to overfeed (leftover food will spoil and fungus) give it another
squirt of water to moisten the cereal. As you feed the worms, gradually spread the food out
into a larger area of the culture as it grows. When the culture is very heavily populated with
worms you can start harvesting (usually after about 2 weeks). Harvest by wetting a small piece
of plastic and sprinkling some of the worm food on it, the next day the plastic square should be
covered with worms, you can then dip this into a cup of water, the worms will fall into the cup
and can be fed to your fish. You can use a turkey baster or an eyedropper to dispense the worms.

Grindal worm cultures last for a long time and don't usually need to be re cultured until the potting
soil has soured or production has trailed off. When it's time to re culture just harvest a few worms
and repeat the above steps. Grindal worms thrive at temperatures between 70 90 F


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