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As soon as you receive your culture, open the bag to allow for some air exchange.
Set up a large culture as soon as possible. Culturing small container of Daphnia is
not practical we recommend at least a 10-gallon container. The quality of the water
is the most important in raising Daphnia. Metallic irons and toxic materials are lethal
to the culture. You must treat the water as you would for your fish. Once you have
set up your tank place the bag of Daphnia on top of the water and let it float for 20
mins. The culture should receive a lot of light up to 16 hours a day and moderate
aeration. The ideal temperature for daphnia is 70-80F.


Equal parts powdered Yeast, Sugar, Skim Milk Powder  Grind all in a coffee grinder.
Sprinkle sparingly to the culture.

Water Changes:

You should give your culture a 25% water change one or twice a week. And remember
to make sure your new water is de chlorinated and is the same temperature as your culture


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