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Wild fish consume 100% live foods (The Natural Foods). I have found   
feeding live foods promote natural color, long life, and robust health in our
fish. Live foods will save you money by reducing fish loss. Most Commercial
dry or frozen live foods disintegrate in aquarium water and may contaminate
the water, increase the level of ammonia, and promote suitable environment
for dangerous organisms.

Vinegar Eels
Perfect for those small fry. Very easy to culture and very prolific


They are highly nutritious and prolific. A small margarine container culture of microworms
can provide live food for a large number of fry. Every aquarist should have a culture of
microworms. There are many species of microworms but our species is excellent.


Grindal Worms
Great food for Juveniles and Adult fish. Very easy to culture and harvest.


Daphnia Magna
One of the most natural food sources for any fresh water fish.



Please refrain from taking information or pictures from this site and posting
it else where. People who have bought fish from us are welcome to take the
pictures of the fish they have bought for there own personal use.


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