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Betta Number 5

I would show the first one in Variations G4 Orange/Black.
The first one would go in color and form variations (g4)(black and orange)

As for those bettas you showed in the pictures. I definitely would enter in any IBC show.
If they were mine I would enter them. I would enter them in the color variation category


Betta Number 6


I would show in Butterfly E1.

The second should go in C1 (yellow). It would not do well as a butterfly

It has the Butterfly pattern and should be disqualified out of the single
color class yellow . Under Group characteristic = Single color
Absence of the single color pattern is a disqualifying Fault . Am I reading
this wrong ?

From the pic only the fish does not show a clear distinct butterfly pattern. It
is a judgment call but If It were my fish from the picture I saw I would put it
in C1. The judge could always move it butterfly class. I would have to see the
fish in person to know for sure.

I was thinking butterfly as well this is why I asked, in real life
the butterfly thing does not show up much but it is there, but I
don't think enough to cut it in a good butterfly class, that is why I
was trying for other classes it might be put in. Not that particular
fish but have a few like him of similar coloration around.

Ok, Rich, why would you show the yellow fish in the butterfly class? I only
see yellow

The yellow doesn't cover the fins . It does have a butterfly pattern , but
because it is a yellow fish w/ clear fins it might do better in the yellow
class . It could also be a poor light body bicolor . Like Dan said it would
be the judges call .

If you have more that are close enough in similarity you could show
them as trios, or pairs if you have good female that looks like him.

LOL sound like it belongs LIH class(leave it home) as Phil once so
elegantly put it.


Hi Marianne. I do not remember saying that. I do remember it being said though.
I also think I just said I agreed with whoever said it. As for those bettas you showed
in the pictures. I definitely would enter in any IBC show.

I agree with Dan, I think it has a better chance in C1 than anywhere else,
but may not place 1st, 2nd or 3rd. It would be a judgement call to move the
fish, but it would definitely not place in Butterfly, if the photo is
representative of the fish. It is a very nice fish though, and if you have
three similar I would place it with its brothers and show it there. Best
chance of all, to my thinking.



Thank you for all your input :

Rich Christman
Dan Young
Kathy Waters
Joe Becerra
Sandi Lund
Phil (Old Dragon)

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