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Betta Number 2

2.jpg (32010 bytes)2a.jpg (24792 bytes)

Taken with flash:
2b.jpg (34817 bytes)

There was a lot of debate about this particular fish.
In my opinion and a few others he needs to be seen in real life to class him.
I have copied and pasted what everyone had to say.

From the flash picture this fish is a cellophane and not a yellow . It looks like it
could fit into a few classes .As a cellophane it would be faulted for the iridescent
on the fins since it's a non-iridescent class and a single color class . I don't think
it really fits the pastel class because of the lack of iridescence on the body . It's
does have the start of a light bodied bicolor pattern and somewhat of a butterfly
pattern. I think the dorsal fins lack of color hurts both of those classes because it.

A light bodied bi-color. I do not see from the picture enough cellophane to merit it
being moved. Technically, we need some judges to "point" the fish. I mean if we
put it in light bodied bi-color then what is the total amount of points added to the
fish and the total number of points subtracted from the fish for faults. We also need
to see the "points" used for Cellophane class also. When you get a beautiful bettas
like this the final standings will be determined by his fault points in the category versus
the other fish competing in the category. An example may be a pure white body Red
finned Cambodian, which may not have the fin quality I am looking at here. The one
thing I really like is the side view with a flash as the judges do judge from this view with
a flash light from the side.

I would probably classify it as a pastel (specifically a green pastel), but if the definition
in the fins is strong (no color bleeding through) it could possibly be a butterfly.

You would classify it as a pastel even thought there is little to no iridescence on the body?
I also would love to see it in person but on my screen the iridescence looks to be steel.
Would the crooked fin ray in the dorsal have points deducted?

When a judge looks at a fish they use a flashlight so the flash picture is closer to what a
judge will use. To call this a light bicolor would be a disservice to the entrant as there is
no contrast between the body and fins. I would like to see the fish in person but I foresee
two places for the fish. First as a pastel since there is no opaque and the irid. on the body
is the same as the fins. The clear patches in the fins is going to hurt it in this class but the
pastel class has had this problem for the past few years I've judged fish. Second, one
might put in in the yellow/clear class but this is a non-irid. class so the irid. will hurt.

I would want to see it in person because sometimes pictures distort color, as can
flashes and glass bowls. If there is green iridescence on the body, it would be a pastel
(on my computer screen there appears to be some light green iridescence and fairly
good delineation of fin color). I would lean to butterfly (white/green/white) if the iridescence
is not what it appears.

In my opinion, he belongs in the Pastel category, without any doubt.

Jim Sonnier
Rich Christman
Old Dragon Phil
Kevin Pelletier
Ken Muller



Betta Number 1


Class: E1 Butterfly STM
It does have two flaws.
1st: The color pattern should be 50/50 in a two color Butterfly. 
2nd: The red color in the dorsal and the anal fins has a lot of Steel Blue.
The separation of colors is excellent.
Fin development is very good, the anal appears to be a good super delta.

Question asked: "Could this fish also not be classed as a Mutli if not
please could you explain why?"
When the class standards were written care was taken to attempt to insure
that any Betta would fit in only one class. Priorities were set, for example
the butterfly pattern takes precedence over coloration. If the pattern is
there it is a butterfly, regardless of its colors.

Jim Sonnier
Rich Christman
Joe Cooper
Old Dragon Phil


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