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We are not breeding betta at this time

Acclimatizing your new Betta:

You will be well warned before your fish will be shipped to you and make sure
you have the aged water and containers ready for your new arrivals.

When you receive the box open it as soon as possible, try to do this in a dim lit
room. The fish have been in a enclosed dark area for all the time they have been
traveling sudden light causes unneeded stress. As you take out the bags check
the water for extreme cold or extreme heat and please report this to me as soon
as you have unpacked the fish. A thermometer is not needed for this just hold the
bags in the palm of your hand you will feel if they are very hot or cold. I use Bag
Buddies in the water when I ship fish so you will notice the water has a slight blue
tinge. Bag Buddies help the fish to relax and controls ammonia and nitrate spikes
with in the bags.

Open the bags and float them in the container of prepared water for 30 minutes.
Over a period of a few hours slowly add your water to the bags until they are just
about full. Pour the fish and all the water from the bag into your container. That
evening feed very little one and over the next few days slowly up the feed.

It is very normal for new arrivals not to have any color for a few hours and to be
scared or lethargic. With in 24 hours they should be colored up and flaring at their
neighbors but can still be a bit nervous of their new surroundings.

"The fish wont eat" I hear so often. I fish will not starve it self keep feeding
eventually it will get hungry and conform to what you feed your fish.

Bottled or spring water is not ideal for Betta. Use water right out your tap and
add any water conditioner to remove chlorine and other stuff out the water. My
preferred water conditioner is Prime made by Seachem, it is a all in one product
and nothing else is needed. If you are new to Betta while you are finding your feet
you may want to add aquarisol to the water as well this is a good external parasite
preventative. All fish carry parasites but a healthy fish they do not effect extreme
stress can weaken the fish and then the parasites will take hold and the fish will
become ill.

Please refrain from taking information or pictures
from this site and posting it else where.


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